Certains des dialogues avec notre Ange ont été traduits en Anglais par Alice, lectrice assidue des "Dialogues avec notre Ange".

Nous la remercions chaleureusement pour le travail qu'elle offre par ses traductions, car elle aussi œuvre pour l'Éveil de l'humanité !




DIALOGUE WITH OUR ANGEL N° 45     -     10-24-2016


Walking backwards towards a new future

Cassiopeans and Urmahs

The Atlantean migration and the inverted way of St. James of Compostella

Yeshua the Galician

Material and Technology or spiritual technology ?

The incredible dream of Jenaël


Dialogue with our Angel N°45.pdf
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DIALOGUE WITH OUR ANGEL N° 43     -     03-21-2016


" Return from the future or return from the past? "

" The Evolution of Man through diet "

" Global warming, climate change, climatic cooling, ice age... Where is the truth ? "


Dialogue with our Angel N°43 .pdf
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DIALOGUE WITH OUR ANGEL N° 42     -    01-22-2016


" Greys, another facade of the reptilian plot "

" The divine lie of Christmas and the legend of Jesus "

" The door of stars to leave this world "

" DMT, Sugars and psychomantheum "


Dialogue with our Angel N°42 .pdf
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DIALOGUE WITH OUR ANGEL N° 41     -     22-11-2015


" Experiences beyond ketone "

" Eat to reassure him ? "

" In The Moments of Noah ! "

Dialogue with our Angel N°41.pdf
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DIALOGUE WITH OUR ANGEL N° 40     -     08-08-2015



" Transdimensional manipulation even in our plates ? "
" Dreams : parallel realities ? "
" But who are these famous Greys ? "

Dialogue with our Angel N°40 (Revised ve
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DIALOGUE WITH OUR ANGEL N° 39     -     06-18-2015


" Rat, strawberries and telomeres " &

"The secret of junk DNA "


Dialogue with our Angel N°39.pdf
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DIALOGUE WITH OUR ANGEL N° 38     -     04-24-2015


 "Attachment and guilt, the two handcuffs of the matrix" &

"The rebellion of the Black Shadows"


Dialogue with our Angel N°38.pdf
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